Delphin SG ESO

Delphin SG ESO
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Delphin SG ESO

The perfect successor of model PROFI, ESO offers more modern design in the decent combination of black and brown colour. This model provides everything you can think of. The package contains of glasses, floating strap, cloth and hardened transport case. The glasses have brown glass and their frame is a bit wider on their sides which protect you from the sunshine coming from these directions. The temples have some rubber parts on their ends so that the glasses do not slide on your head. The bridge of the glasses is rubberized, too. Sunglasses ESO have a plastic frame which is perfectly cast and thanks to the material it is very resistant towards any damage.

Technical parameters
Nose width: 1,7cm
Size of the glass: 6,5x4cm
Length of temples: 12,5cm

Polarizing glasses made by Delphin are high-quality product with all necessary certificates and tests required by European Union. This guarantees their medical fitness and top attributes proved by many tests.

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