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Delphin Fluorocarbon 0,35 mm 50 m

Delphin Fluorocarbon 0,35 mm 50 m
Produktnr.: Delphin Fluorocarbon 0,35 mm 50 m
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Delphin Fluorocarbon 0,35 mm 50 m

With the Delphin brand, you get 100% fluorocarbon fishing line. Delphin FLRCARBON mastered the weakness that plagues most fluorocarbon fishing lines on the market - it has got high knot strength and greater flexibility which allows for perfect bait presentation. Fluorocarbon is a special fishing line because it has got a similar light refraction index like water, making it virtually invisible water. The fluorocarbon's density is almost 80% higher than water density and 60% higher than that of the standard nylon fishing line. For this reason, fluorocarbon is a fishing line that sinks extremely fast. Delphin FLRCARBON is therefore an ideal choice for creating fast-sinking kits for catching wary fish in crystal clear water.

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