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Delphin SG BLACK Orange lenses

Delphin SG BLACK Orange lenses
Delphin SG BLACK Orange lenses Delphin SG BLACK Orange lenses
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Delphin SG BLACK Orange lenses

The newest generation of sunglasses in three different makes which can be used during your fishing trips as well as during your everyday activities. Thanks to the design the sunglasses will perfectly fit most of the people not only in practical, but also in visual way. SG Black series offer completely aluminium frame anodising into black matt colour. AS the aluminium was used, the glasses are extremely solid, but at the same time very light (only 28g). The frame is perfectly mechanically made and even the temples of the glasses are not loose at all. The ends of the temples are rubberized from their inner side so that the glasses are seated well even during practising sport activities. The bridge is rubberized too, so it fits your nose perfectly. It provides sufficient comfort and in addition to this, the glasses can be easily bent which makes them suitable even for people with wider nose. The high quality of the glasses is underlined by its hard case made of the combination of metal skeleton and eco-leather.

Expressive mirrored glasses with orange-yellow glass with the same colour rubberized temples are the best model for active generation.

Nose width: 1,8cm
Size of glass: 5,5x4cm
Length of temple: 14cm

Polarizing glasses made by Delphin are high-quality product with all necessary certificates and tests required by European Union. This guarantees their medical fitness and top attributes proved by many tests.

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