Delphin BOMB! Fatty Carot 10cm

Delphin BOMB! Fatty Carot 10cm
Produktnr.: Delphin BOMB! Fatty Carot
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Delphin BOMB! Fatty Carot 10cm

Fatty is a proud holder of its name. This lure is significant for its fatty body which ends with relatively slim tail. The tail is what really provokes all senses of waiting predators. BOMB! Fatty is a perfectly made lure. Precisely made details including soft structure body surface is faultless. Thanks to wide offer of the most effective colourful variations of Fatty is the right tool for spinning. You will also evaluate the lure´s material itself, which is perfectly elastics, nicely soft and thanks to its tenacity it is perfectly resistant and durable. This guarantees countless hours of fishing euphoria by water!

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